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1、Points for attention of generator passing through rotor and installation

发表时间:2020-07-21 19:05:52



Points for attention of generator passing through rotor and installation(图1)

1. When working, measures must be taken to prevent the formation of metal chips (steel or copper chips). If metal chips are formed, be sure to remove them carefully.

2. Before entering the generator and exciter shell, the staff should have nothing in their pockets and their shoes should be very clean. Be very careful when working to ensure that valuable parts of the system are not damaged.

3. 36V voltage shall be used for lighting used in generator internal operation.

4. During the working process, detailed records shall be made for each step of operation, each equipment and part to be disassembled and used, and each tool and instrument used. After the work is completed, before the rack end plate is installed, it is necessary to carefully check and verify that no equipment, parts and tools are left in the system.

5. Before using the tools, the tools should be carefully checked. The tools can be used only when they are complete and undamaged. When working inside the generator, the tools used should also be tied with white cloth, and the other end of the rope should be fixed on the staff or outside the generator, so as to prevent the tools from falling into the stator.

6. Pay attention to the counterweight of the spreader. The hook position of the spreader is recommended to be movable. Moreover, the lifting process shall be under the unified command of the lifting worker, and no personnel shall walk under the lifting objects.