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2、Points for attention of generator passing through rotor and installation

发表时间:2020-07-21 19:05:34




Points for attention of generator passing through rotor and installation(图1)

1. Special personnel shall be assigned to keep and register the tools and instruments on site. When using tools and instruments (including personal tools), the lending registration procedures must be carried out. When returning, check whether the tools and instruments are in good condition (if there is any defect, the cause must be found out).

2. The electric and lifting tools and appliances used on site must be in good condition, inspected and pasted with certificate.

3. After the generator is disassembled, the security department shall be contacted to arrange the police to carry out on-site security work.

4. It is strictly forbidden to load the retaining ring during the whole process of pulling out and threading the rotor.

5. Pay attention to the stress and deformation resistance of the generator rotor, the rotor stiffness should be sufficient, and calculate the matching position of the spreader and the rotor.

6. Use a level gauge to ensure that the rotor movement level remains unchanged or controllable.

7. Use the crane with good stability to ensure even and stable movement when passing through the rotor.